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Online Arabic classes for kids ?

Live Teachers: Native Arabic Speakers at Al Azhar University.
Fun Classes: Instilling Islamic Values in Kids. Do not be late and give him or her the opportunity to attend Online arabic classes for kids , learn Arabic Online, IQRA Wa Rattel. Bring your child back to Quran and Sunnah.

Arabic language Classes for kids

As Muslim parents, we want our children to learn Arabic language from its source, which is the best way to learn Arabic language. Not every student can fly over to Egypt to learn Arabic at Al-Azhar.

It can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start, and how to find excellent native Arabic Teacher suits your child, who can take your child’s hand to the next level every Arabic Class.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you. if you want to teach your child all of the Arabic Skills, including Arabic reading, writing, speaking, and listening, If you want your children to learn Arabic, undlook no further than IQRA WA Rattel has online Arabic Classes for kids covers every element of the Arabic language while making learning Fun and engaging for kids. in this course they will learn to write, read, Speak Arabic, understand Quran and any Arabic Script . IQRA Online Arabic Classes for kids provide Fun lessons, Arabic Courses for kids designed to help students to learn Arabic online with a qualified Native Arabic teachers, Egyptian teachers From Al Azhar. 

Your children will be taken under the wing of our native arabic Speakers, professional, and highly qualified teachers who will see them through to fluency in Arabic. We customize our Arabic courses for kids to their specific needs, and our curriculum is well-structured. Also, compared to competing options, our program offers better value for your money.Our Online Arabic Classes for kids often use interactive tools and games to make learning fun and engaging.

Why choose the course ?

Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed. Our courses achieve your goals, you should feel that from first session, his tonge will be improve will speaking arabic or reading Quran, how is that? let me take you to our Arabic centre, you child will meet the best arabic instructor who is knowledgeable in teaching Arabic for non-arab familes – kids  and adults around the world, at IQRA Wa Rttel institute our experienced team are ready to help your kids to learn.

Our quality team trained to follow up on the students progresses according to the pre-determined plan. A specialized Arabic curriculum including learning Arabic vocabulary, grammar, conversations, Fun Arabic videos, audios and games specially for children.

Many new Arabic words every lesson that works to raise the level of the student after every 30 minutes online with his/her perfectly Teacher. It helps the child to speak in long conversations in the Arabic language without hesitation. Understanding the Qur’an when the imam recites in prayer. Reaching the deep meaning in the beautiful Arabic words with unique meanings.

in Our online Arabic lessons for kids, customized for All levels,kids and Teens, you can schdule your classes anytime suits you from comfort of your home. 

He or she will learn:

In our online Arabic classes for kids, we offer a special curriculum that covers Arabic learning. Here are some of the things that your child can expect to learn in our online Arabic classes:

  1. your child will have no trouble at all using the Arabic Language.
  2. He or she will have the linguistic skills necessary to communicate effectively in Arabic.
  3. Your kid will be more comfortable learning to read Arabic.
  4. Without resorting to English translation, he or she will understand Arabic.
  5. Your kids learn Arabic from basics and become advance a if they work hard and listen to their teacher.
  6. He/she will cover Arabic letters with easy method.
  7. Your kid will soon be able to read the holy Quran without needing explanations.
  8. Your child will Learn islamic Arabic stories easily.

Arabic learning For Children

Fun & Engaging Environment

We, at IQRA Wa Rattel, We believe that fun learning makes kids progress faster, our school has Arabic games, Worksheets, Books, Videos, alphabet coloring, learners do many activities In our online Arabic Classes for kids.

Native Arabic Teacher live

The most important element that we offer is well-trained and experienced tutors. There is no doubt that only qualified professors can help students enhance their skills. Our certified native Arabic Teachers live – one-on-one classe teach Arabic to children in the most participatory, pleasant, and easiest way to the kids.

Customized Study Plans

One of the main factors that distinguish us is that , we do our best to make learning Arabic for kids online easier by giving you the ability to create your own schedule and adjust your available hours any time of the day to what suits you best to keep the individual needs of students in mind.


Course Prerequisite

online Arabic for kids course is designed to be as effective as possible in ensuring that your child learns to read, speak and write Arabic accurately and competently. Therefore, no prior knowledge is required for this course. You can take this course even if you have no knowledge of one Arabic Vocabulary.

Arabic Classes Online

Arabic is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages today. Learning Arabic online is advantageous in many ways, but it is especially advantageous for learning the Quran.

“A Book whose verses have been detailed, an Arabic Quran for a people who know “ 

(Surah Fussilat) 

Arabic Learning for kids comprehensive courses online for kids, learning for kids with our Native Arabic Teachers is the most convenient way to learning Arabic for kids , when you enorll your Children Arabic Classes they will learn arabic in a fun way.

IQRA Arabic School provide online Classical arabic (Fusha) Classes for Adults to learn the arabic. 

Arabic Learning Games For Kids In IQRA Courses

We understand how kids can have a really short attention span, arabic classes for kids are specially, so we utilize games that aim at educating as well as entertaining your children.

 Why Should Learn Arabic Online for kids?


Because any course dealing with the Quran for children involves a basic understanding of Arabic, your children must first take Arabic classes. Here are some of the benefits of learning Arabic alphabet online:


  • It saves you and your children time and effort.
  • Flexible scheduling that match your children’s schedules.
  • Native Arabic tutors who are experts.
  • There is no danger of leaving the house.
  • Free to download content for your use.
  • More cost-effective than other options.

Is it Hard to teach children arabic Online?

With experienced native male and female Quran teachers, IQRA Wa Rattel makes arabic language learning easy and convenient for kids.

Arabic online courses,  will qualify your kids for Islamic courses for youngsters and help them understand their religion.