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How It Works?

  • A computer/Laptop/Android Phone/Tablet/IPad/IPhone.
  • Internet connection.
  • Headset/Speakers.
  • A Mic.
  • You will required an Skype id for online conversation.
  • We also use Zoom communicating software
  • student can attend session through zoom
  • teacher can record the session.

Why Iqra Wa Rattel El Quran Institute

  • Certificate on completion of course.
  • Students friendly syllabus.
  • Qualified and experienced instructor.
  • Video lesson’s for beginners.
  • One on one classes.
  • Days and time of your choice.
  • Monthly test and parents meeting.

Try for Free - 30 Mins Assessment


Library Videos

Recite Quran Online

                    The difference between an amazing qirah or recitation of Quran and an ordinary one is taking proper care of tajweed and Makharij. That is the difference why millions of Muslims are enveloped by a wonderful feeling when listening to the recitation of any well known Qari. Sometimes, when we learn to read the Quran in the absence of a well qualified and experienced teacher, our pronunciation of Arabic alphabets is not proper. We are constantly on the verge of turning our good deed into a sin, by mispronouncing an Arabic word and thus, changing the entire meaning of the text. Although, this problem is more common in non Arabic speaking Muslims, it is quite widespread in Arabi ... Read More

Iqra Wa Rattel El Quran Institute

How fortunate we are as Muslims that Allah has sent His word to us in the form of Quran and has taken the responsibility Himself for its protection. Quran, a map, a guideline for us to spend our lives accordingly, “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian.”[1] So, it would be entirely our fault, if we fail to go through it and spend our lives like non believers and end up failing the ultimate test of our lives; to please Allah! And there is another among them who says: “Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter and save us from the punishment of Fire.” [2] According to this verse of Quran, we should always ask Allah for the good of both worlds; in life and hereafter. But this is only ... Read More

We've got the perfect package for you

Plan (A)

2:3 students in the class
  • 22$ Per Month Instead Of 24$
  • Native Arab
  • one hour per week
  • 4 hours per month
  • Free access to recordings

Plan (B)

2 days per week
  • 34$ Per Month Instead Of 44$
  • Native Arab
  • 30 Mins Live Lessons
  • 4 Hours Per Month
  • Free Access Recordings
  • Save 10$

Plan (C)

3 days per week
  • 50$ Per Month Instead Of 66$
  • Native Arab
  • 30 Mins Live Lessons
  • 6 Hours Per Month
  • Free Access Recordings
  • Save 16$

Is online education effictive?

Any Device, Anywhere

Any Device, Anywhere Iqra Wa Rattle El Qura ninstitute uses the latest software like Skype, , Zoom screen sharing and audio to make Quran learning experience collaborative multi-way.       ... Read More

Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions Iqra Wa Rattle El Quran (Online Quran institute) each student is given special attention, according to his/her learning requirements, by assigning a professional and cooperative tutor to individual learner. ... Read More

Significance of The Holy Quran

  Significance of The Holy Quran (Read! In the name of your Lord, who has created (all that exists)” (Al Quran) The holy Quran is the complete book of guidance from Allah, it is with us today, without any change, with nothing added or taken away. It is the final and last book of guidance for mankind from Allah. If we want to be happy ... Read More

Our Mission

Our Mission “The best among you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it” (Bukhari) Iqra Wa Rattle El Quran (Online Quran institute) is an excellent program that has not only succeeded in making habitual for people to read the final message of Allah with great ease but also made it easier for them to recite it with utmost interest ... Read More

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what our students are saying?


Asalam'laykum everyone I hope this message finds you in good health and iman. I have benefitted a great deal from this institute in how to read the Qur'an with Tajweed. Also teacher Ehsan has been very pat ... Read More


Asalam alaykum, I’m really pleased with the service provided by this institute, I have all the support needed to learn and progress, I’ve recommended it to all my friends and family and I will carry on in ... Read More


Ma Sha Allah My teacher not only corrects every mistake but tells me how to correct them by teaching me how to place my tongue, teeth and where to take out the required sound. Highly recommended for learni ... Read More


“Brother Marwan is a very good teacher. His tajweed is excellent mashaAllah and he will help you make your recitation better.” ... Read More


Assalaamu Alaikum. Sister Ehsan has been teaching my daughter Quran for a while and I am pleased with her improvement. She has given my daughter confidence in reading/reciting in Arabic. She is indeed a go ... Read More


Assalamu’alaikum I have had the pleasure to learn from Ustadha Ehsan for many years now and I am so thankful to Allah to have blessed me with such a wonderful teacher. My recitation has improved greatly. T ... Read More


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