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The number 309

The number 309


The people of the cave (Ashabu al-Kahaf) stayed in the cave for 309 years; amazingly, when we count the number of words of the story in the holy Qur’an starting with the first time the word “stayed” is mentioned:  Then We roused them,In order to test which Of the two parties was best At calculating the term Of years they had tarried! (stayed)

Cave: 12  (ibid)

 ending with the last time the same word “stayed”  is mentioned:

       Say: “God knows best How long they stayed:  Cave:26   (ibid)

 we’ll find that the total number of words is exactly and precisely 309 words i.e. the same number of years the people of the cave stayed in it!!!!  More amazing though is the fact that the number of the word (one hundred) in the phrase three hundred is exactly three hundred. The question that needs be answered here is what does it mean to find that the number of words from the word “stayed” to “stayed” is equal to the number of years the people of the cave stayed in it? What does it also mean to find the number of the word three hundred consistent with what this word means? It means that Allah, the exalted is the one who revealed this surah and entrusted in it this numerical miracle so as to be a proof of Qur’anic genuineness and truthfulness.

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