This book sheds light upon a recent discovery centred around one of the most exciting topics in world religion and Islam in particular: the miracles of the Noble Qur’an. After studying thousands of Qur’anic words and passages, I have arrived at what can be considered the discovery of an intricate numeric system that rests within the verses of the Noble Qur’an. By the blessing of God Almighty, I have succeeded – after a detailed and methodical investigation – in proving both the existence and accuracy of this prolific numeric system, which comprehensively covers the Qur’an’s chapters, verses, words and letters.

This new phenomenon will be referred to as the ‘numeric miracle’ of the Qur’an.

The foundation and basis of this numeric system is the number 7, one of the most significant numbers in the Noble Qur’an1 (if not the most significant), and a hint, perhaps, that the Creator of the seven heavens is indeed the One Who sent down this Book, preserving it from distortion.

This work is an attempt at establishing firm scientific and ethical grounds on which to base any study of the numeric miracle. A sound scientific approach must be adhered to whenever Qur’anic numbers are analysed, and this is something that I have honoured throughout this study and hope that fellow researchers will honour as well.

A substantially large collection of profound numerical truths will be conveyed in this book. These include a study of the numeric arrangements found in the first verse of the Qur’an, the first chapter of the Qur’an, and other chapters across the Qur’an such as Surat2 Al-Ikhlas (Chapter: Sincerity), one of the shortest yet most important chapters. Furthermore, the numeric miracle has been analysed with respect to a single verse, a segment of a verse, and in one instance, the numeric consistencies of a single Qur’anic word have been explored.

In addition, this book tries to explain some of the secrets behind the mysterious disconnected letters of the Qur’an. These disconnected letters, which will be called ‘special phrases’, are unique letter combinations found at the beginning of about a quarter of the Qur’an’s chapters, and their meaning, to this very date, remains uncertain. The consensus of Muslim scholars has been that these letters are one of God’s Qur’anic miracles, and that only He knows their full meaning. This is a fact I neither doubt nor dare challenge, and by no means do I claim to have unravelled their entire wonders. Nevertheless, after studying them in much detail, I have reached the firm conclusion that at least one of the miracles inherent in these mystifying letters is indeed a numeric one

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