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The difference between an amazing qirah or recitation of Quran and an ordinary one is taking proper care of tajweed and Makharij. That is the difference why millions of Muslims are enveloped by a wonderful feeling when listening to the recitation of any well known Qari.

Sometimes, when we learn to read the Quran in the absence of a well qualified and experienced teacher, our pronunciation of Arabic alphabets is not proper. We are constantly on the verge of turning our good deed into a sin, by mispronouncing an Arabic word and thus, changing the entire meaning of the text. Although, this problem is more common in non Arabic speaking Muslims, it is quite widespread in Arabic speaking Muslims, too. One reason for this problem being common in Arabic speaking Muslims is that over a period of time, conversational Arabic has evolved, which is quite different from Classical Arabic or Quranic Arabic.

Taking steps to correct your Tajweed is not a major problem if you are living in a muslim country, but if you are living somewhere where Muslims are a minority, it gets quite difficult to get hold of a qualified Ustad. Sometimes there is no mosque or Islamic centre near you. Sometimes you just cannot fit the Quran class into your hectic schedule. Does that mean that you would always be making these mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly? And would you forever live in fear of your good deeds turning to sins? Not anymore!

Now, no matter where you live and how hectic your schedule is, you CAN always make sure you correct your Tajweed mistakes by learning to recite Quran online. You just need to make it certain that you find a well qualified, experienced teacher. Fortunately, Iqra Wa Rattel El Quran Institute has made it all easy for you to learn to recite Quran online. It not only offers a large number of qualified and experienced male and female teachers to choose from, it also gives you the opportunity to choose between a private class and a group class. Here you can recite Quran online, and the teacher corrects your mistakes and helps you understand the proper way to pronounce Arabic words and letters. Best of all, it fits into your hectic schedule and isn’t a burden on your pocket, too.

Learn to recite Quran online and make an investment for your bright hereafter. After all, the reward for correct recitation of Quran and implementing Quran into your daily lives couldn’t be short of Jannah!


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