Quran Arabic classes for kids ?

Live Teachers: Native Arabic Speakers at Al Azhar University- Holding Ijazah.
Fun Classes: Instilling Islamic Values in Kids. Do not be late and give him or her the opportunity to learn deen , learn Quran with Tajweed, IQRA Wa Rattel. Bring your child back to Quran and Sunnah.

Quran Arabic Classes for kids

Now is always the best time to start teaching your children about proper morals and values. For Muslims, the ultimate foundation for living life is the Quran. Often, modern culture has a greater focus on accumulating wealth and seeking selfish pleasures than following the will of Allah. But Muslims know that living life according to the will of Allah should come above all else. Wealth and temporary pleasures may come, but the instruction found in the Quran must come first. Children can benefit from learning this truth early.You know that “Learning at a young age is like engraving on a stone “

Do you want your child to grow up with a strong faith and a deep understanding of the Quran? Enrolling your child in our online Quran Arabic classes for kids at Iqra Wa Rttel can be the perfect choice for parents who want to give their children a solid foundation in Islamic education.


Onlin Quran Arabic classes with Iqra Wa Rttel offer a unique learning experience that is fun, interactive, and engaging. our online Quran Arabic classes for kids is not a boring or tedious process. Instead, children are engaged in fun and interactive activities that make learning the Quran a memorable experience. Children can engage in Educational Islamic games, puzzles, Quran Competitions, and other activities that help them learn Quran, learn Tajweed, learn islamic studies in an interactive way.

What Makes you enroll your kids now ?

First of All , IQRA offering Two Free Trial Lessons with a qualified teacher who will gauid you to start your journey in our Quran School as a big muslim Family, from comfort of your home , step by step ,we have male and female certified Tutors.


Our Program is easy , helping our kids fall in love with practice Quran. read with Tajweed even Hifz Quran , whatever is your kids levels , Live teacher will provide him/her a simple plane in the class, and IQRA will send you report , and you can choose any time suits you to join online Quran Arabic classes.


We care a lot about the student’s progress .Every day that the student participates in online Quran Arabic classes, it is very vital for us that he or she makes progress in their language skills. And that this development is apparent to the parents, the Quran Teacher, and the administration. We care about learning to recite Quran with Tajweed. IQRA Quran institute helps students pronounce the letter from its original point. 


Some parents face the problem that my child does not want to attend any online Quran lessons,we understand that at IQRA online platform with fun ways that makes students love islam and Arabic. in our courses students play online islamic Games , online Arabic Games, Worksheets ,Video ,and more when you join Online Quran Arabic Classes for kids with IQRA. No payments required to start, and remember you get two free trial lessons,  Start now ! 

What will you learn ?

In our online Quran Arabic classes for kids, we offer a special curriculum that covers various aspects of Quran and Arabic learning. Here are some of the things that your child can expect to learn in our online Quran Arabic classes:

  1. Learn Quran with tajweed Rules correctly.
  2. Learn Quran Recitation with a loud voice . 
  3. learn Rules and the quranic Stopping sgins in Quran Recitation.
  4. Learn Arabic Reading, Sounds, Mkharij, as a native speaker.
  5. Memorize The Holy Quran from cover to cover (Quran Hifz) .
  6. Various methods providing  memorization process easily.
  7.  Understanding Quran ayahs meaning and appreciation of Islam.
  8. Learn Articulation points, Makhraj of all Arabic letters.

Quran Classes for kids

  Learn Quran Tajweed

IQRA Quran Teachers are egyptian Quran Teachers, ready to help Your kids to learn Quran online with tajweed, we choose Best Quran Teachers from Al Azhar, in Egypt, not just Quran Teacher But a good friend your kids and teachs Tajweed, islamic studies Duaa, Hadith, Quran Stories, kids islamic games, Arabic words.


Are Online Quran Classes works?

Yes, online Quran classes can be a good option for people who want to learn and study the Quran but may not have access to a physical mosque or Islamic center, or may prefer the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Online Quran classes can be conducted in real-time through video conferencing software or pre-recorded sessions can be accessed at any time.

Learn Quran Reading for kids

One of the most significant benefits of online Quran learning is that it makes it more easier for parents to monitor the class and assess their children’s development. They can also follow up with teachers teaches to ensure that their children are improving and benefiting from their classes.

Learning Quran online for kids

IQRA Academy give you professional Quran male teacher and female teacher, who are well- well-trained to learn quran arabic classes for kids non-arab muslims from basic to advanced,step by step based on all levels till holding Ijaazah like his Quran Tutor InShaAllah.

Enjoy Our Online Quran Arabic classes


Enroll now to start learning Quran online With Tajweed !!!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to learn Quran online from some of the best Quran teachers ever without having to worry about anything, standout to get in touch with us, today. And, we promise that you are going to become a prodigy at Quran recitation by the end of your course. sign up now !!