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Numeric Secrets

Numeric Secrets


Numeric Secrets— Night in the Holy Qur’an:


Among the Qur’an miracles is the Night (Lail) surah which confirms that night conceals everything, a fact that has been proven by cosmologists. Miraculously enough, the number of this surah according to Qur’an order is 92 and the word night and all its derivations are repeated exactly 92 times in the Holy Qur’an , the same number as that of the Night surah!! Let’s contemplate such harmony; could it possibly be a mere coincidence or is it rather the will of Allah, the Great, who has made the holy Qur’an a fundamental book with established and categorical meanings in all its verses?

Allah, the Almighty says:

 “(This is) a Book, With verses basic or fundamental (Of established meaning) ,Further explained in detail, From One Who is Wise And Well-Acquainted (with AL] things)”1      HUD: 1


 Hell Gates:

Allah has made merely seven gates for hell; Allah, the Exalted says:

 “To it are seven Gates: For each of those Gates Is a (special) class (Of sinners) assigned.” 

Hijr or the Rocky Tract:44    (ibid)

The word hell is repeated 77 times in the Holy Qur’an; it’s such a marvelous consistency that proves that the Qur’an diction is fundamental with established meanings. Moreover, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, informed us that hell is dark black and if we trace the word black as a color in the Holy Qur’an, we’ll find that it’s repeated exactly seven times, the same number as that of hell gates. Do you think that such numerical consistency is just haphazard?!


The Gates of  Paradise:

Allah has made eight gates for paradise as Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said in the Sahih hadith. If we consider the color of garments of the companions of the Garden, we’ll find it green. Allah, the Almighty says:

 “And they will wear Green garments of fine silk And heavy brocade”      Kahf or the Cave: 31     (ibid)

If we trace the word green as a color in the Holy Qur’an, we’ll realize that it’s repeated eight times, the exact number of the gates of paradise!!! Will you contemplate such a wonderful numerical consistency? Could it possibly be a coincidence?


Sujud (Prostration to Allah):

One of the Qur’an surah is Sajda or Adoration whose number according to the Qur’an order is 32. What’s astonishing about this surah is that its number is exactly the same as that of the times when prostration is repeated in the holy Qur’an, 32 times.  Furthermore, this surah includes a prostration verse (which upon being recited, worshipers are supposed to prostrate):

 “Only those believe In Our Signs, who, when They are recited to them, Fall down in adoration, And celebrate the praises Of their Lord, nor are they (Ever) puffed up with pride.”

 Sajda or Adoration: 15   (ibid)

The number of the above verse is 15 and the times when Muslims are asked to prostrate in the holy Qur’an is also 15!!! Could all these numerical consistencies be mere accidents???

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