Reports cards, Grade and Attendance reports

This interactive tool lets you track and mark the surahs and ayahs in the Quran that you have memorized. Your personal Quran Memorization Tracker shows you your progress and helps you keep track of what you have memorized and which surahs are remaining. This tool is free for all Iqra WaRattel Students.

Our Children are Our Legacy Let’s Build it Together 

Iqra WaRattel provides the right Knowledge, Techniques, Belief Systems, and Routines to your child which they required to be raised as a successful Muslim, whose Dunya and Akhira are both secure, while also allowing them to have the freedom their culture demands.

Iqra Wa Rattel Institute is interested in encouraging children, giving them certificates, and holding competitions and awards to motivate them to be the leaders of Ummah In-Shaa-Allah

Ijazah in Quran Memorization Hifz Quran

Quran Memorization Ijazah is a certification stating that its holder has mastered Quran memorization with Tajweed and became hafiz/hafiza of Quran. Now, he/she can teach Qur’an memorization to others.

This type of Ijazah is granted to Qur’an students who managed to memorize the Quran perfectly and can recite the whole Quran by heart (without reading from the holy Qur’an book) without any mistakes.

Tajweed Competition

-Top Five-Dec 2022