Quran and Arabic Teachers


Why Egyptian Quran & Arabic Teachers Are The Best? 

Online Quran teachers (Male&Female) from Egypt are considered the best way to learn Quran and Arabic for yourself or your kids; They are native, have vast knowledge, and have long experience teaching Quran & Arabic to non-Arabs.

Most Egyptian Quran Teachers graduated from Al-Azhar University, the oldest degree-granting university, and are renowned as the most prestigious university for Sunni Islamic learning & Quran Sciences. In addition to higher education, Al-Azhar oversees a national network of schools with approximately two million students. As of 1996, over 4,000 teaching institutes in Egypt were affiliated with the University.

Egypt also is famous for masters of Quran recitation as there have been many famous Qaris (reciters) of the Quran across history, such as Qari Siddique Ahmed Minshawi and Qari Abdul Basit. It is said the Quran was revealed in Arab and recited by Egyptians.

Better Teacher = Better Student

We have always valued the skills over experience. In terms of our teaching staff, we have an amalgam of experienced and skilled staff who have effective skills to teach young children, teenagers as well as adults. With such a skilled workforce, we have ensured that our teachers take responsibility for each and every student and ensure that his learning outcomes are met with each and every lesson. No progress to the next lesson is made until the student is adept at the last lesson.

We hire qualified and certified teachers by ensuring that each and every candidate has undergone a proper set of interviews and a verification process. With the best person for the job, we aim to bring the best services to the students.