Flexible Class Schedules

How IQR Supports Its Students

it seem like every college student is a fresh-faced teenager just out of high school. But in the real world, student bodies are becoming more and more diverse. The majority of students (63%) are over age 25. The median number of children per college student is one and when it comes to handle school life and personal life, having flexible class schedules options is the number one priority.

Education becomes even more important as you age; it can unlock doors that allow you to create new career paths or advance in your current occupation. That’s why Iqra WaRattel provides students with so many options when it comes to flexible class schedules. Here are just a few of the benefits we offer.

Our flexible Class Schedules

Online Classes
Many of our programs are offered online so our students can take great advantage of flexible class schedules. This isn’t feasible for some courses, of course, where you’ll want to get hands-on experience Face to face with the guidance of your instructor, but our students can take advantage of online classes when possible. And this doesn’t just save you the drive time; you can actually participate in some classes at your own pace.