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In this environment, the values of Islam are upheld and practised in obvious and non-obvious ways.


Creative Learning

Our online Activity Center has games, downloads, worksheets and more with learning material specific to your lessons.


Muslim Morals

We instill in the child’s mind the Islamic morality and etiquette that every Muslim home needs .


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Our website is child-friendly. We take into account privacy and permanent security


Online Arabic Classes with Iqra Wa Rattel. Learning Arabic is now easier than ever with IQWR, with affordable prices and Arabic scholars, we offer the best online Arabic classes for kids and adults with the best online Arabic teachers. Edutainment. Simplicity. Quality. IQWR is one of the most effective and trusted online Arabic teaching websites

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Schedule your Arabic and Quran classes when it works for you! We have teachers available 24/7.

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Following a structured course plan, your teacher will guide and help you learn faster & correctly.

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Courses set by Expert Islamic Scholars Prestigious Islamic Universities

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Trusted by thousands of Families +20 Countries around the World

Games & Activities

Our online Activity Center has games, downloads, worksheets and more.

Affordable Payments

Competitive Variant Pricing Plans Secure and Safe Payment Methods

What Do We Provide?

the best online Arabic learning classes for kids and adults available. With Iqra Wa Rattel’s online Arabic
school, you can learn to speak Arabic and more at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

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Iqra WaRattel Institute isn't just a website that teaches Arabic or Quran. We are a large group of staff & teams that come together with your best interest in mind

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