About The institute

Welcome to Iqra Warattel Institute

iqra Warattel institute isn’t just another online Arabic or Quran program.  We take learning online to the next level by providing online classroom settings, qualified and trained teachers, organized and structured courses, supervisors to ensure your education is taken care of, and an online System to manage your classes and account.  We care about your education and strive to ensure we are giving you the best opportunity to learn Arabic & Quran!

IQRW History

Founded in 2017, Iqra Wa Rattel Institute isn’t just a website that teaches Arabic or Quran. We are a large group of staff & teams that come together with your best interest in mind. Our Educational team has spent years developing and strategizing the best structures for our courses, so you get the most our of your class time. The Quality team ensures that your classes are progressing smoothly. Our Student Support team is there to assist you for any help, and our IT team has worked years to provide you our one-of-a-kind online platform for you to manage and access your classes..

IQWR Mission

Mission & Vision Our prime goal is to impart knowledge of the Quran and Sunnah worldwide through our online Quran learning portal to help people make their lives and hereafter successful. Online Quran education for all! Our vision is to enlighten every heart and soul with the essence of Islamic teachings. Iqra Wa Rattel is home of experienced professionals whose sole purpose is to provide excellent Quran online teaching services worldwide. We believe in shining on the members/users’ provided feedback, which considerably shapes our future services. Iqra Wa Rattel is a leading-edge that allows our scholars to share their knowledge and insight with their online Quran learners in the best possible manner. Let’s practice the commandments of Allah SWT, His beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW, and spread the light of the Quran in every corner of the world..

Our Tutors

Our Tutors have significant experience in teaching the Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies Teaching. We select the majority from Al Azhar, Egypt’s Oldest University and the World’s Premier Center for Islamic Learning. So, you can Learn Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies from the comfort and safety of your home with Expert Native Arab Tutors.


Download & Read Iqra Warattel instiute Profile

Below You will find the attached profile of Iqra Warattel and its credentials. Download the PDF and enjoy reading.