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Welcome To Learning Holy Quran



Learn Holy Quran with Top Professionals Educators.

Iqra  Wa Rattel El Quran Institute strives to teach the Quran with excellent tajweed online, throughout the world. We aim to inspire students to have a strong connection with the holy Quran through its memorization, understanding and implementation, thus developing well-rounded future leaders who are guided to follow the middle path.

Tajweed refers to the manner in which the Quran is read, down to the pronunciation of each letter, so we may recite as the Prophet (saw) recited. Learning how to read the Quran correctly is an obligation for all (men, women and kids) .

The ideal manner in which to learn how to read with Tajweed is under the guidance of a qualified teacher, so mistakes may be corrected and recitation improved and beautified. All teachers at the Institute are fluent speakers of English, graduates and more importantly, Huffaaz of the Quran (those who have memorised the Holy Quran) and have Ijaza (license) to teach. We have male and  female teachers.so :

Learning Holy Quran is a new age forum equipped to learn and live according to Quran and Sunnah.We are a group of professionals having deep knowledge of Quranic learning as well as Islamic Fiqh. Our core objective is to provide correct learning of Noorani Qaida, Noor El bayan Qaida,Recitation of Quran, Tajweed and Arabic language

  • Learning Holy Quran provide core Islamic General Knowledge.
    • Our purpose is to teach the women , kids and Man elso around the World.
  • Our aim is that All  should have Quran In thier  hearts.
  • Memorizing the Chapters of Holy Quran brings grate reward.
  • Our Aim is to make them aware that how they should act according to Sunnah. 
  • Memorizing the Chapters of Holy Quran has very High Reward.
  • Our Aim is Aware women , kids and Men also, How should Act On  Sun-nah.
  • Helping all muslims to know duaa and azkaar
  • Helping muslim to read in arabic and the meaning in English
  • you  can find links if you are A New Muslim to know your Religion
  • and if u are you A Non Muslim will find links to know what Islam is??
  • our big aim that u increase your Eman and Allah subahnah wa Taala pleased you and us too
  • welcome to our Iqra  Wa  Rattel institute   Contact Us


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