What are the 7 manzils of the Quran? 2023 Complete Guidance

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Manzils of the Quran is your way to recite Quran better. The Quran is the holy word of Allah revealed to his Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, its wording is amazing and its recitation benefits its worshipers immensely. It begins with Surat Al-Fatihah and ends with Surat Al-Nas. It is sent to us often.

What does Manzil mean and how is the Quran divided?

Manzils refers to dividing the Quran into one of seven roughly equal parts so that the entire Quran can be recited in one week.
So manzils are The number of pages or verses of the Quran that a person reads every night until he completes the entire Holy Quran.
The righteous predecessors of the Companions and others used to divide the Quran into the days of the week and make each day a known quantity.
in Islam, they used to recite three surahs, five surahs, seven surahs, nine surahs, eleven surahs, and thirteen surahs, and the al-Mufassal part from Surat Q to Surat An-Nas.
And what was reported is that the meaning of Manzil is that they are words that divide the Quran into seven parts, it is not mentioned in the Sunnah, and it was not narrated by the companions of the Prophet and their followers.

When did the manzils of the Quran begin?

This division took place during the era of Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi, the governor of Iraq during the period of the Caliph of the Muslims, Abdul Malik bin Marwan when he ordered the formation and grouping of the Quran, and this division was to facilitate memorization and recitation.

How to Divide the Manzils of the Quran?

The manzils of Quran can be divided into 7 manzils. According to the companions, they usually shared it through the Quran, and Imam ibn Taymiyah agreed with them. Some support the separation of poetry that occurred in the time of Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf.
The point is manzil with suras is better than what Ibn Taymiyyah said because manzil with suras is better than manzil with verses (ayat).
You could divide the 7 manzils as follows. The seven manzils are as follows:

  1. From Surat Al-Fatihah to Surat Al-Nisa
  2. From Surat Al-Maida to Surat Al-Tawbah
  3. From Surat Yunus to Surat An-Nahl
  4. From Surat Al-Isra to Surat Al-Furqan
  5. From Surat Al-Shu’ara’ to Surat Yassin
  6. From Surat Al-Saffat to Surat Al-Hujurat
  7. And the rest (from Surat Qaf to Surat An-Nas)

Follow this Easy order:

  1. The first four parts.
  2. The next five parts.
  3. The next seven parts.
  4. The next nine parts.
  5. The next eleven parts.
  6. The next thirteen parts.
  7. The remaining sixty-five parts.

How can you recite Quran in a week?

Suppose you want to Start Quran recitation and finish it in a week. In that case, you will divide Quran based on the way the companions used to read Quran. As we mentioned previously, you could recite and finish the recitation of the whole Quran in 7 days by following this order, three surahs, five surahs, seven surahs, nine Surahs, eleven surahs, and thirteen surahs.

How can you recite the Quran in two weeks?

If you want to recite the Quran and do it within two weeks, short time, chapter by chapter, and fast, you need to read 8 pages after each of the five daily prayers: Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.
Recite the Quran in a month?
If you want to recite the Quran and do it within a month, you need to read 4 pages after each of the five daily prayers: Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.

What are Rukus and how many Rukus are there in the Qur’an?

There are a total of 558 rukus in the Qur’an. Ruku comes from the Arabic word رُكوع. It is a section or passage in Qur’an that is considered the verses of the Qur’an.
There are traces of Rukus in the Koran of the countries across the river and India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and other Indian subcontinent countries.

What is the purpose of the Ruku Seal?

The purpose of the Ruku logo is to share Qur’an in order to pray for the general readers of the Qur’an and the Imams of the mosques, especially during the month of Ramadan.

Why is it necessary to use the manzils of the Quran?

Based on what is mentioned earlier and the opinion of Quran scholars, the division of the Quran, Manzil, is found in the Quran of the Muslims is discretionary. It originates in the actions of the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH), and the meaning is not. It is devotional, but it is to facilitate the recitation of the Quran.

Manzil Dua(Complete)33 Ayaat from Quran for Protection Jinn, Black Magic, Evil eye, etc, Shiffa

According to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, he himself was once attacked by a witch, but he deciphered the witchcraft by reciting Chapters (verses) from the Qur’an. According to different traditions, different parts of the Qur’an have a positive effect on deciphering and preventing magical influences or on the Muslim community in general, becoming the best practice for Muslims. Muhammad Zakaria Al-Kandhalavi, a prominent Muslim scholar in the Indian country subcontinent, collected these verses in a book that has been used as a mantra in his family. like medicine, This group is widely known and known as “Manzil”.
The Manazil consists of the following verses from the Holy Quran:
Surat Al-Fatihah (Part 1): Verses 1 to 7
Surah Al-Baqarah (Part 2): Verses 1 to verse 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286
Surah Al-Imran (Surah 3): Verses 18, 26 and 27
Surah Al-A’raf (Surah 7): Verses 54 to 56
Surah Al-Isra (Surah 17): Verses 110 and 111
Surah Al-Mu’minun (Surah 23): Verses 115 to 118
Surat Al-Safat (Surah 37): Verses from 1 to 11
Surah Al-Rahman (Surah 55): Verses from 33 to 40
Surah Al-Hashr (Surah 59): Verses 21 to 24
Surah Al-Jinn (Surah 72): Verses from 1 to 4
Surah Al-Kafirun (Surah 109): Verses from 1 to 6
Surah Al-Ikhlas (Surah 112): Verses from 1 to 4
Surah Al-Falaq (Surah 113): Verses 1 to 5
Surah Al-Nas (Surah 114): Verses from 1 to 6
At home (MANZIL) full reading is scheduled one or three times in one sitting. This may be performed once or twice a day, in the latter case, once in the morning and once in the evening.
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