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Arabic grammar

Arabic grammar

Level (1)

Course Info:

The aim of this course is to build a strong foundation for student about the core principles governing Arabic language, to provide introduction to Arabic grammar and to develop grasp on beginner’s Arabic vocabulary which shows up throughout the Quran. Successful completion of this course will enable students to analyze the grammar of Surahs such as al-Fatihah, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas and understand the basic concepts and sentence structure of Arabic
Generally the course units include: memorization of basic vocabulary, Demonstrative Pronouns, Possessive pronouns, Definite articles, Prepositions etc.
Estimated course duration (Elders): 50 Hours.
Estimated course duration (Children): 65 Hours.
Estimated commitment of study : 2-3 Hours per week

Course Overview:

Madinah Book 1:-
Unit 1: Demonstrative Pronoun – Haadhaa (This is)
Unit 2: Dhaalika (That is)
Unit 3: The Arabic Definite Article The
Definite Article Application
Unit 4: Prepositions (e.g. to, from, in, at, etc.)
Unit 5: Expression of Ownership Vocative Particle
Unit 6: The Demonstrative Pronoun for the Feminine Article (This is)
Unit 7: The Demonstrative Pronoun for the Feminine Article (That is). The Demonstrative Pronoun for the Feminine Article Application
Unit 8: Revision Lesson – Grammar Rules Learnt so Far

Course Requirements:

To join this course, student must be able to read Quran or Arabic fluently
Knowledge of Tajweed is NOT required
Arabic writing skill is NOT required
Student is required to attend lessons on time and cooperate with the teacher. In case of children, parents are required to motivate and monitor the attitude, alertness and the behavior of student during lesson
Student is required to submit regular feedback to the academy about the course as well as teacher


Level (2)

Course Info:

In this course 80 hour course you will learn the foundations of Arabic grammar so that you can be well on your way to understand more complex issues in the subject. Upon the completion of this course you will be able to read an Arabic sentence and understand exactly what role each word plays in the sentence. This is definitely not everything about Arabic grammar, but this course will open your eyes to the beautiful world of Arabic grammar and its role in understanding the Qur’an.

Course Overview :

Lissan Al Qur’an  :-
Level A (20 Hours)
The Word and It’s Classification
The Definite and the Indefinite
The Masculine and the Feminine Gender
An introduction of Declension (إعراب )
The Singular, The Dual and The Plural
Level B (30 Hours)
The Arabic Sentence
The Prepositions
The Demonstrative Pronouns
The Adjectival phrase
The Idafa (اضافة ) phrase
Level C (30 Hours)
Possessive pronouns attached to Nouns
Interrogative Pronouns
إِنَّ and its Sisters
The Five Nouns
The Verb in the Perfect Tense
The Adverbs of Time and Place
كَانَ and its Sisters
The Relative Pronouns

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